Week #72 at the Digital Service: Notes for 11–15 September 2023

DigitalService opened its doors again in Martin’s week 72 there. He helped organise and run a public-facing meetup on ‘designing a more digital Berlin’. He also worked more closely with some teams, prepared performance reviews and saw the first peer-review report against the Service Standard getting published.

Week #70 at the Digital Service: Notes for 28 August–1 September 2023

Colleagues from the Federal Ministry of Justice joined for a 3-hour workshop around applying the Service Standard to new justice services and what that means in practice. Martin also participated in several workshops throughout his week 70 at Digital Service – discussing matrix org structures, cross-discipline objectives and improved ways of working together.

Week #67 at the Digital Service: Notes for 7–11 August 2023

During his week 67 at Digital Service, Martin was glad to see the 3rd Service Standard report published – documenting the team’s work on the digital identity service component ‘BundesIdent’. Throughout the week, he made progress with preparing articles, talks, and events for the coming weeks and months.

Discussion: The long slog of public service transformation

At the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in June, Kara Kane from the UK Government Digital Service moderated an open panel discussion on the long slog of public service transformation. Together with members of the International Design in Government community and participants, she discussed how to keep creatives motivated in public service roles, help build resilience for change, and recruit and retain talent for this type of work.