Week #116 at the Digital Service: Notes for 15–19 July 2024

The UK government’s former Head of User Research and Analysis at GDS, Stephanie Marsh (in the center), together with colleagues from Springer Nature in the office of Digital Service

Week 116 at Digital Service was short for Martin as he only returned from holidays on Friday. He welcomed a former GDS colleague to the office. He also started reflecting on a book on managing people he started reading this week.

Week #113 at the Digital Service: Notes for 24–28 June 2024

In week 113, Martin spoke at the CityLAB Summer Conference and participated in a panel discussion on future operating and business models for public services at the Zukunftskongress. He also co-led a lunch & learn session on metrics and how we measure service transformation impact.

Week #112 at the Digital Service: Notes for 24–28 June 2024

Another dense week 112 included a design and user research offsite, a world café session on the citizen-centred welfare state, a meet-and-greet with tech entrepreneurs, an exchange with a former digital minister and co-founder of the US Digital Service, and a pub quiz.

Week #110 at the Digital Service: Notes for 3–7 June 2024

Martin wrote and gave 3 talks in his week 110. He had exchanges with folks from the UK Cabinet Office, the Free University of Brussels, Google, and Amazon. He also welcomed new people to the organisation with a reworked introduction including the new delivery principles.

Week #108 at the Digital Service: Notes for 20–24 May 2024

In week 108 at Digital Service, Martin summarised the accessibility work of the previous week in the all-hands session, co-delivered a talk on user-centricity and procurement, participated in a strategy exchange with the Chief of Staff & Strategy, and started preparing content for more new starters.

Week #107 at the Digital Service: Notes for 13–17 May 2024

Week 107 was intensively dense. Martin published a blog post, helped launch an accessibility tool, co-ran an accessibility check for a service team, helped review product designs in the legal space, gave a barcamp talk, built a conference website, and ran a portion of a 5×5 km relay race.