Discussion: The long slog of public service transformation

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A group of 4 people of different ages and ethnicities with microphones and lanyards are sitting on stools, discussing – about a dozen people sit behind, one of them in front of banner that says ‘Creative Bureaucracy Festival’

At Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2023, we ran an open panel discussion on the long slog of public service transformation. The video recording of the 50-minute conversation is now available on YouTube.

The event description read:

A discussion with panellists from different international government organisations to talk about the years-long experience of changing government bit by bit, day by day. Public service design takes a long time, slowly chipping away at institutional bureaucracy.

How can we keep creatives motivated in public service roles, how do we help build resilience for change, and how do we recruit and retain talent for this type of work? ”

My colleague Kara skillfully moderated the conversation with

  • Laurence Berry – Komo International, United Kingdom
  • Marco Maria Pedrazzo – Department for digital transformation, Italy
  • Ülly Enn – Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia
  • plus members of the audience

The event took place as a fishbowl-style session track where audience members could join in the discussion based on the topic at hand.