Week #86 at the Digital Service: Notes for 18–22 December 2023

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A range of mountains and glaciers covered in snow with a blue ski and high contrast light and shadows

I didn’t work this week. And I only thought of work a little while skiing in the Swiss Alps.

I read a few bookmarked things, including Alexandra’s short reflection about the role of design managers. Her view on critical designers judging the managerial experience is on point. Also, finding joy in designing things other than products or services – like well-supporting environments for good design to happen – resonates with me and reminded me of a conversation with Lou and Kate many moons ago at GDS.

It needs far more blog posts from design managers. Maybe that’s something for 2024 and for the Strong Design blog.

Doing some tiny things on the way

On the train, I found the time to edit some videos from last month’s Public Service Lab Day 2023. I published my colleague Marlene’s talk about the transformation of justice services.

Our reflection on necessary government transformation on all levels – that complements this year’s Service Gazette editorial article – is also available for rewatch on YouTube.

The blog post about our most recent international design in government work is finished and edited but hasn’t been published anymore. I hope it gets on the Design in Government blog in early January.

What’s next

In the coming week, I plan to finish a proposal for the World Usability Congress 2024 that’s due before the end of the year.

I want to edit some more videos on another train ride.

And a few Service Gazette articles need editing, which we want to have printed by mid-January.