Talk: Designing good public services for everyone

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A white woman with ginger hair in a minimal green dress and brown leather boots standing on a big all-black stage on a red circular rug – next to her are the letters TEDx standing as red letters, behind her is a projected slide

In November 2023, Digital Service’s principal UX designer Charlotte Vorbeck took the stage at Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam to discuss designing good public services for everyone.

The crisp 13-minute talk gives you a glimpse into the work we do, the challenges we face, and the successes we have had so far. Charlotte starts with questions, gives an overview of her work and its circumstances, and closes with an optimistic outlook.

After some months of processing and waiting, the talk was made available on YouTube and posted on the TEDx channel, which has over 40 million subscribers. TEDx talks remain an excellent format for reaching new audiences and telling your stories in a different way.

For our joint user-centred government transformation efforts, I am grateful for Charlotte having the opportunity to create such an impactful record of the ongoing work.