Week #8: 20–24 June

Photograph: Ibrahim Köran – on Twitter

In week note #8, Martin Jordan reflects on his work between 20 and 24 June.

Week #7: 13–17 June

In week 7, Martin published his first blog post, learned more about communities of practice in the German public sector, and participated in company activities.

Week #5: 30 May–3 June

5 weeks in, Martin reflects on some things seen and done at the DigitalService in his weeknotes covering 30 May till 3 June.

Week #4: 23–27 May

Martin Jordan’s weeknotes from his fourth week at the German government’s Digital Service, covering 23–27 May 2022.

Week #3: 16–20 May

Weeknote by Martin Jordan, covering his third week at the Digital Service from 16–20 May 2022.