Talk: The long slog of public service design

Photo: Hazal Arpalikli

At the ‘Service Design in Government’ conference in Edinburgh in September 2023, Kara Kane and Martin Jordan delivered their talk ‘The long slog of public service design’. Now, the recording of their presentation is available for rewatch.

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Week #82 at the Digital Service: Notes for 20–24 November 2023

Martin helped prepare the 4th local public sector innovation meetup on reshaping urban mobility. He continued with staffing, hiring and recruitment duties. Together with his UK government colleagues, he made progress on preparing for the big 24-hour remote conference next week. He also prioritised accessibility activities in his 82nd week at Digital Service.

Week #81 at the Digital Service: Notes for 13–17 November 2023

Martin travelled across Germany in his week 81 at Digital Service. He attended the autumn conference of the community of practice network NExT in Wiesbaden to present his design community and give a talk. Afterwards, he co-ran the Public Service Lab Day, a conference in Cologne, together with the city’s innovation office.

Week #78 at the Digital Service: Notes for 23–27 October 2023

Maturing the approach to content design has been 1 of 5 annual topics for Martin. He is about to open the first-ever content design role in German government and works on accompanying content. Martin also does a breakdown of all significant activities until the end of the year in his week 78 at Digital Service.

Week #77 at the Digital Service: Notes for 16–20 October 2023

On Thursday, Martin co-ran the annual Delivery Offisite with over 60 people from all delivery disciplines participating. On Friday, in his 77th week at Digital Service, he shared work on justice services with the advisory council of the government’s digital strategy.

Week #76 at the Digital Service: Notes for 9–13 October 2023

In week 76, Martin worked closely with the team, developing the digital court claims service. He also co-led a session at the NExT camp and joined a community workshop of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival. During a lunch break, he gave his recent conference talk on the long slog of public service design to interested colleagues.

Week #75 at the Digital Service: Notes for 2–6 October 2023

Martin took the big stage together with GDS colleague Kara to talk about the long slog of public service design. He also organised a community gathering for international colleagues and co-ran an open studio night – all part of the Service Design Global Conference in Berlin.

Week #74 at the Digital Service: Notes for 25–29 September 2023

Discussing people’s performances and possible salary changes, participating in workshops and having many conversations throughout the short week, Martin was busy in week 74 at Digital Service. He also started preparing for the coming week, which includes a conference talk, a community gathering and an open studio night.