Week #39 at the Digital Service: Notes for 23–27 January 2023

Martin worked remotely in his 39th week at DigitalService. He caught up with former colleagues on international work, operational frameworks for service assurance and service performance tracking. He also worked on iterating formats for the growing design team.

Week #37 at the Digital Service: Notes for 9–13 January 2023

In week 37, Martin published another co-authored blog post about design, focussing on visual culture and artefacts supporting digital transformation. He also looked at fundamentals like objective setting, design skill descriptions and making more exclusive meetings less opaque.

Week #34 at the Digital Service: Notes for 19–23 December

Rather little happened in Martin’s much shorter 34th week at DigitalService before heading into Christmas. However, he still prepared a blog post about the visual communication culture at Digital Service and might have wrapped up recruitment (for this very moment).