Week #33 at the Digital Service: Notes for 12–16 December

Photo: Bene Liebig

Week 33 was another busy one at Digital Service. Martin co-organised and co-ran a delivery offsite day for everyone in the design, engineering and product management profession. He also offered the new accessibility onboarding module for the first time.

Week #29 at the Digital Service: Notes for 14–18 November

In week 29, Martin took a trip to the river Rhine to the city of Boppard to participate in the autumn conference of NExT, the German public sector community of practice network. In his weeknote, he reflects on the community, its formats, topics and the conversations he had at the event.

Week #25 at the Digital Service: Notes for 17-21 October

Martin was busy helping with the Digital Service’s fellowship programmes closing event that wrapped up the Tech4Germany and Work4Germany projects of 2022. He also participated in a cross-government gathering of people looking after the Federal government’s style guide.

Week #23 at the Digital Service: Notes for 4–7 October

In the first week of October, Martin spent time contemplating brands and branding the German public sector and in the context of public service journeys. He looked at GOV.UK work for inspiration and reference. A member of his team went to speak at a meet-up about designing public services that work for all.